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Painting with Mom Stickers

Painting with Mom Stickers

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These Vinyl Stickers are weatherproof, durable, waterproof, and AWESOME! These stickers have a white border.

Jesus must have loved playing with his mother. She was gentle and kind, prone to adventure and creativity. This is a working in progress, “Painting with Mom” and prints will be available at the end of the month. It is a painting of Jesus with Our Lady of Guadalupe. When I was painting it, I wanted to capture the wobbly knees of a toddler, the gentle patience of a mother, and the intense focus that can happen as creativity flows out from beautiful hearts. Jesus is holding a paint brush and large Spanish Roses. As he touches her apron, her image appears on the fabric. I pictured them in great preparation for the miraculous apparition of what would appear on the tilma of Saint Juan Diego. Our Lady of Guadalupe waits, kneeling before her son, receiving his creativity and goodness.

How is Jesus calling you to be creative today? What would it be like to sit and be creative with baby Jesus? How is our mother calling us to sit before her today? How are you called to be patient like Our Lady? Jesus, help me be creative like you are. Our Lady, help me be patient and imitate your tenderness today.

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