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Bundle of Light

Bundle of Light

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"Bundle of Light" is an watercolor print by Leanne Bowen. Frame not included.

The 5”x7” and 8”x10” Prints come with the meditation printed on the back. The larger prints do not.

Leanne created this image to show the beauty of light that comes when Christ is born within our hearts and homes. Perfect light casts out darkness. We are small stars in constellations. We are small bundles of light that remind the world of the Light that came to us when Christ came into the world. 

“Bundle of Light”

The Child Jesus. Who is this little one?

The darkness of the world is so intense. It is enveloping and too much if you linger in it. It starts to nibble at your hopes if you make friends with it’s companions. Despair, anger, loneliness, resentment, disappointment, sadness, bitterness, envy, and jealousy will flood your home if you let them. They don’t want you to see them sneak in, but the second they do… they will fill your entire soul with their invasive thoughts. They are like nasty weeds that refuse to die, even after you coat them or call them out. They may temporarily go away just to rear their head a thousand times stronger the next day.

And the darkness is too much. My daughter always tells me so. Mom… I NEED a light. Don’t forget to turn the light on- it’s too dark without my light.

And I have realized I can’t do it on my own. Truth is, I NEED a light too. It’s desperately lonely and hard and too dark without one.

So He came. Christ came into our world so we could dwell in joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, love, self control, and

patience. The moment Christ came into the world, light Himself was born. And He is willing to be our friend. Our gentle loving friend that isn’t afraid of our darkness. He isn’t afraid of the sorrow or the fear- He sees it and He wants to hold you in it. And His mother knows our ways. She knows we tend to go our own way. She wants to hold us close to her too. We aren’t supposed to do this alone. But rather, wrapped up in her goodness, held close to our sweet Lord- Baby Jesus- light Himself.

And just like that the Child Jesus comes into our home and never leaves. We have to make room for this new life. He wants to fill our home too- but He doesn’t sneak in and take over. He gently hopes to be friends and invited to come to stay. He wants to be with you and Mary wants to hold you close. He wants to be the bundle of light that undoes the darkness within you and sets you free forever.

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