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Given Up For You Vinyl Sticker Packs

Given Up For You Vinyl Sticker Packs

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Given Up for You vinyl stickers. These are 3”x4” and waterproof and durable. They are dishwasher safe and weatherproof! These come in packs of five. 

Meditation and painting by Leanne Bowen

Oh little host, I raise so gently into the air. Bread, so humble and fragile. Yet, hardly bread at all. It is so tangibly You, Jesus. I feel You are close to me, with me. As potent as someone gazing right back at me. Your wisdom fills me, Your joy hardly contained within my chest. I know You are truly present and transfiguring this bread and wine into Your very heart. I believe Your words are true, Jesus. You promise, “This is my body, which will be given up for you.”

Your body, in my worn hands? Given up for all the world? I am unworthy. We are unworthy to receive You, the King of all the earth. I feel the depths of Your mercy rush in, pouring out of my hands onto each of our hearts. You redeem Your people, Lord. Your mercy is tangible. Your sacrifice allows us to draw close to You despite everything we are not. The warmth of Your Holy Spirit fills the room with light and freedom. Peace, joy, goodness, and patience fills our hearts as we gaze upon You. The strength of the Father’s accompaniment and encouragement is so present in the Eucharist. 

Jesus, I give You my hardship, the heartache I feel, the difficulties I carry. I desire to be truly after Your own heart. Here I am. I desire to be like You. Given up for you. I know it is You that is present. I know In Persona Christi is real, and I can feel your consolation wrap around me as I hold Your very body. I can feel You redeeming the hearts of the faithful. As I gaze on You, I feel You gaze on me. Blood and water, poured out for all humanity. I am in deep gratitude for You today. Your mercy fills my heart, which is given up for You. 

We pray for all priests today, and courageously ask Jesus to console our anxieties. Jesus, fill us with Your mercy, and allow us to know You are truly present in the Eucharist. Help those who doubt Your true presence. Transform our hearts to be cognizant of the trinitarian love and mercy that You have for us. Allow us to be more aware as we receive Your body, truly given up for us. May we be truly astounded by Your intimate closeness to us today. May Your Divine Mercy transform our hearts and help us draw near to You.

For the slightly blemished 5"x7"... I had a group of prints come all with the one corner just barely bent. I doubt most people would even notice, but I wanted to use it as an opportunity to offer them on a discount for you! If you frame them, and even if you don't, I doubt you will see the blemish!

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