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I am so little before you God. All I have to bring you is me. My heart was a mere black stone when I met you. Sitting cold within my chest. Ebony and dark, I had become everything I wasn’t made for. Your presence stirred life into me. It whispered greatness into my hopes. With one breath my heart became flesh. You looked into my eyes and melted my defenses. You told me, “I love you for you. You don’t have to be anyone else.” Being close to you, I felt your safety, your protection surrounding me with such vigor and immensity. I was a dry land parched without hope. You were living water pouring life into every crevasse.

Lord Jesus, I give you my bitterness, the self pity I tend to feel. I give you my apprehensions and my tendencies to doubt the good things you have in store for me. I give you my self doubt and deprecating thoughts. I give you my loneliness and my isolation. I give you the parts of my heart that I have been hiding away out of fear, each little stoney part that remains is yours. I give you my anger, the road map of what happened to me in my life. I give you my past and my future. Here is my family and my work and my friends. All of my doubts and uncertainties and mumbly grumblies.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to fill every part of my life. Please pour out your gentleness and goodness upon my words today. Allow your freedom to fill me, that I may follow your divine whims all day long. Help me to gaze into the eyes of God today, that I may see as He sees. I ask for your fortitude against evil, your docility and love to flow from my heart. Help me be like you. Jesus, please help me to be holy today. Please help me to be like you.

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