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Eucharist Candle Tin (Chrism Scented, Black)

Eucharist Candle Tin (Chrism Scented, Black)

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These are the most incredible gift for First Communions yet, and a beautiful way to celebrate the Eucharistic revival! They smell just like the Chrism oil used and are by far my most popular scent. They smell amazing- you will want extras as well! You don't have to wait for a rare occasion to smell Chrism anymore!  It smells like the church on Easter Vigil and are such a beautiful candle. I had this candle curated because I never wanted to wash my baby's head after baptism. I knew it was a smell we needed in our homes and in our lives! 

The top image is also a magnet that you can keep after the candle burns out!! 

These 4 ounce candles burn super slow and clean and are the perfect little token for all. They come in a black sturdy tin. The top image is a magnet. After the candle is gone, you can keep the magnets as a reminder of the Sacramental grace God has through the Eucharist

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