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Jesus, Mary, And Joseph Digital Download

Jesus, Mary, And Joseph Digital Download

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This print is in the order of Jesus, Mary, Joseph with JMJ printed underneath. Digital Download is as pictured without watermark and formatted to an 8"x10" size.

After purchase, you will be sent a link to download the image. It will be valid for 24 hours. This is for personal use only unless given permission by the artist. The image may only be used to make 10 copies or less and not in any instance where you will make a profit off its use.

Jesus's heart is lined with thorns to represent the passion and death he endured to redeem mankind. His heart burns with love for mankind. Mary's heart is lined with flowers because she bloomed with motherly love for her son. When they stripped the roses from the thorns to make the crown of Jesus, Mary would have picked them up and held them close to her heart. The swords represent the seven sorrows of Mary. In scripture, Simeon speaks of her heart being pierced. Joseph's heart is lined with lilies to represent the pure love he had for Jesus and Mary. There are tools in his heart representing his love for craftsmanship and the hard work he poured out to support his family.

JMJ, pray for us!

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