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Paschal Lamb Candle Tin (Holy Mass Scented, Gold)

Paschal Lamb Candle Tin (Holy Mass Scented, Gold)

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These smell incredible. They are a blend of Frankincense and refreshing spring air. They smell like incense and baptism merged into the Holy Mass. They will lead you deeper into worship in your home and are nostalgic.

The top image and the quote on the side are also both magnets that you can keep after the candle burns out!! 


These 4 oz 100% soy candle tins are the absolute cutest gifts! They have a magnetic image on the lid that can be removed after the candle burns out to put on your car or fridge! These candles burn super slow and clean. They are hand poured by friend Kristina at the Ivory Flame Candle Company in Bakersfield, CA!

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