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Saint David

Saint David

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You have already fought battles twice this size.
You ARE strong enough.
You are capable to fight this.
It may look like a Goliath but it’s just another target you have already shot at 1,000 times.
You can do this.

Everyone I have talked to lately is overwhelmed. Things are daunting, we may feel incapable. Know this… God already gave you everything you need to fight this battle. He has been equipping you a long time.

I find myself repeating over and over and over throughout the day- “I can do hard things, and this isn’t even one of them.” The overwhelm makes normal everyday tasks seem hard. We have to remind ourselves of how capable we are when we melt into God’s love and trust in Him.

I believe He has already equipped us. He has already given us the tools and things we need to fight the battles that will come our way. In the ways you feel inadequate today, may you ask Christ to show you the resilience He has already set upon your heart. The weak parts- the humility and fortitude He has gifted you. In the daunting moments, seek the strengths He has already written into your story.

Saint David, oh little shepherd, be with me today as I fight Goliaths around me. David, you will become a king! Help remind me of what I will become, instead of being fixated on the weaknesses I see today. Jesus, be with me. Help me lift my arms to do the things that are challenging. You are my refuge in the midst of my inadequacies. You are my strength, Jesus.

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