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Saint Paul

Saint Paul

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Saint Paul is willing to share the Gospel even when he is imprisoned. Despite  opposition and hardship, captivity does not limit the outpouring of the Holy Spirit into his ministry. The quill in his hand shows his constant readiness to minister through his gift of writing. Saint Paul has a sword with him, a reference to his martyrdom and to his previous life as a persecutor of Christians. Having a sword while imprisoned shows the freedom he has within his heart even in captivity.  The Holy Spirit bursts forth through the prison bars. The light pierces Paul’s heart with wisdom and immediately pours forth into living water inspiring the Word of God. Paul wears a vibrant red, the color of both the Romans he had served and the passionate love of Christ to which he dedicated the rest of his life.

How is God calling you to pour out your heart for your community? Where are you feeling captive? Where is He prompting freedom within your heart? May you be truly astounded by Christ’s intimate closeness to you today.

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