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Saint Series: Original Drawing of Maximilian Kolbe

Saint Series: Original Drawing of Maximilian Kolbe

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This listing is for the original drawing of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. It is an 8"x 10" pencil drawing on a thick watercolor paper. About this drawing:

I’ve heard he had the glow.

Do you know the glow I am speaking of? The kind of glow where someone has been sitting in front of Christ so much that you can sense Christ twinkling from their eyes in everyday conversation. A radiance of time with our Lord. His glow was accentuated because our Lady would appear to him too. A beautiful lady came to him at a young age when he begged “What will become of my life?”

Do you have the courage to beg God to reveal that to you? To ask Him what He desires most deeply for you? I get through the monotony of each day pretty quickly. It wears on me. Hearing of Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s virtue stirs a longing within me to run to be in prayer with Jesus.

Father Rocco Porter came back from Poland gleaming. He had visited the monastery of Maximilian Kolbe and had been given a small clipping of Kolbe’s hair. The monks there had told him that two of the brothers would put away clippings each time they cut Kolbe’s hair.

I was so struck by this story- it lingered with me. A part of this man’s life he may not of even known but such a test to his character.

They say he had such immense passion, a drive to make the motherhood of Mary known, a drive to proclaim Christ to the world. He had the glow of Christ’s love.

I was just starting to feel burnt out from creating each day. This is my 6th painting in a week! That is more than I usually create in a year- sometimes two! But when this image blazed in my head, one that my husband described to me long ago… I couldn’t wait to draw again. There are parts of it that aren’t quite right- things that are off in it. Usually I would take a month to draw three figures. I have to keep reminding myself it’s just a little drawing I did at the table with my toddlers. And that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be powerful.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be powerful.
Saints Series 6/31: Saint Maximilian Kolbe

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