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Saint Series: Original Saint Zita

Saint Series: Original Saint Zita

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About the series:

I am painting Saints throughout October! I really wanted to start painting again and knew committing to this would be something I loved and would be really excited about! All the originals will be for sale on All Saints Day, November 1st, at 6 am PST. The prints will be released each day for pre-sale. This is the listing for the original drawing.

About this sketch:

Saint Zita- is the patron saint of doing ordinary things well, and patron saint of housekeeping. She is the patron saint of Lucca so I added a bike in her picture. Lucca is a tiny town in Italy known for everyone riding their bikes outside it’s beautiful walls. She was caught taking loaves of bread out to the poor. They asked her to open her apron and wildflowers fell out. To this day the town has flower festivals in her name. She also took beans out to the poor everyday without permission from her master. When they went to check the bean stock- it remained untouched- miraculously refilled.


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