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Saint Series: Original of Saint Anne

Saint Series: Original of Saint Anne

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These prints are pre-sale items and may not ship until November 1st. Other items in your order will ship separately and at normal speed. Prints may ship sooner. 

About the series:

I am painting Saints throughout October!  I really wanted to start painting again and knew committing to this would be something I loved and would be really excited about! All the originals will be for sale on All Saints Day, November 1st, at 6 am PST. The prints will be released each day for pre-sale. It is TBD if these prints will be available after long term or all together as a series! 

About this painting:

Saint Series: Saint Anne

Day 8/31

Saint Anne is a really important saint in my family. In 1658, my ancestors moved from France to found the city of Quebec. They started building a Catholic Church and miraculous healings were happening attributed to a statue in the sanctuary. The statue was of Saint Anne. Pilgrims were coming from all over to be healed there. They named the church Saint Anne in her honor.

Then my family was asked to found a city in Michigan. They moved westward and helped to found the city of Detroit. They moved on July 24th, 1701 and broke ground on the church two days later. It was July 26th, the feast of Saint Anne. They knew immediately Saint Anne was an important intercessor for them. Since then, so many of my family members have had Anne in their name- and I am proud to have her name in mine.

Saint Anne, pray for us!!

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