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Saint Series: Original of Saint Isidore

Saint Series: Original of Saint Isidore

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This is an original watercolor painting of Saint Isidore, by Leanne Bowen. It is 8”x10” in size and painted on a thick watercolor paper.

Saint Isidore is the patron saint of farmers and laborers. He is known for over 400 miracles. Some of the miracles during his lifetime, were if he was coming back late from Mass, and his workers would complain to the boss. The boss would look out and see angels plowing the field in his place, and he would think it was Isidore. Other times Saint Isidore would stop to take breaks to pray the rosary of the Angelus at midday, and angels would continue plowing the fields for him. During busy seasons, like harvest, sometimes two Angels would appear alongside him, and he would work three times as hard as all of his coworkers. Saint Isidore, patron saint of farmers and laborers, pray for us.

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