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Saint Series: Original of Sacred Protection- The Guardian Angel and little one

Saint Series: Original of Sacred Protection- The Guardian Angel and little one

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About the series:

I am painting Saints throughout October!  I really wanted to start painting again and knew committing to this would be something I loved and would be really excited about! All the originals will be for sale on All Saints Day, November 1st, at 6 am PST. The prints will be released each day for pre-sale. This is the listing for the original painting.

About this painting:

This is a 5”x7” Original Watercolor on watercolor paper by Leanne Bowen.

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with my first child. And someone told me- “Oh wow, now you’ll have an extra guardian angel with you.” A didn’t know what to say, I had never processed that with each new life, we would have another angel and protector with us. But on that day, I pictured an angel holding my little one. And I knew whether I failed, or I was the best mom in all the lands, whether my little one lived a day or thousands upon thousands of days, I knew I was protected. God had a plan, that was much much bigger than me. Great peace flooded my heart that day. A peace that was beyond me, a peace that was deeper than me. When I first saw it was the feast of the guardian angels in October- I thought well angels aren’t really saints. Can I really paint them on just the second day of this little saint series...? But then I thought, all great Saints and little Saints had a guardian angel. Guardian angels make saints. They protect them from evil and lead them into goodness with God. May your guardian angel be with you today, protecting you from evil and protecting those you love. May you remain little in their arms.

This piece is called Sacred Protection- The Guardian Angel and little one. It is you in the angels arms. It is your child.

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