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The Merciful Heart of the Christ Child

The Merciful Heart of the Christ Child

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"The Merciful Heart of the Christ Child" is a watercolor print by Leanne Bowen. Frame not included. The 5”x7” and 8”x10” Prints come with the meditation printed on the back. The larger prints do not.

Leanne created this image to show the beauty of light that comes when Christ is born within our hearts and homes.

In the image, the artist shows the rays of Divine Mercy flowing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In Jesus's halo is a chalice and grapes to show that He will become the Bread of Life. Mary's halo has flowers blooming in it. She is robed in stars and her mantle is extending to wrap around the viewer. Her mantle mimics the colors of Divine Mercy to show her mercy on the world that crucified her Son. Around the image is a wreath. Wreaths are a symbol of eternity and everlasting life because they never end. It is made of cypress which symbolizes immortality and endurance of heart. They are often planted near cemeteries to represent Christ's ability to transform death into life. The bayberry around the cypress leaves symbolize passion and sacrifice. The berries turn a bright red once they are about to give up their life.

“The Merciful Heart of the Christ Child”

Jesus longs to give you His Most Sacred Heart. He longs to pour His Divine Mercy into your heart and into your life. He longs to give you His very own body in the Eucharist. He is the bread, He is the freedom you ache for, He is the direction you’re longing for, He is the truth you are thirsting for, He is the only bread that will quench the aching hunger within you. He gazes on you, and longs for closeness to you.

His mother longs to hold you, and desires for her mantle of protection to keep you. She longs to shine light into your woundedness, so that Jesus can heal it. She is the flower and beauty that blooms around you. Christ is the everlasting King, seated on the throne of a humble handmaiden.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

“Only One can make the burden lift

And Jesus is His name

Come to Jesus

Come to Jesus

He is calling to you

He will save you

He will heal you

He will make all things new

Come to Jesus

Are you lonely walking on your own?

Are you desperate for a ray of hope?

There is One who sees you, One who knows

And Jesus is His name”

-Come to Jesus by Steffany Gretzinger

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