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The Way He Looks At Me (Aslan)

The Way He Looks At Me (Aslan)

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The Way He Looks At Me was inspired by C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. I was trying to envision what it would be like for a wild lion to look into my eyes and know me deeply.

You are who You say You are.

That’s different than I thought.

You look at me and I trust You. I believe in what You say and what You provide. You believe in me despite my unworthiness and inadequacies. You see me. You look at me. You believe in me.

I wanted to paint more during Lent, but also wanted to pray more too. I felt pretty strapped for time with a toddler sprinting past me all day. Finally I just asked Jesus, “What do you want me to know?” He said, “That I see you.” He saw me as I was overwhelmed and not enough. He saw how hard I was trying to keep up, and how limited and unable I felt. He saw me even when I didn’t have enough energy to slow down and see myself. When I sat down to pray the next day, I imagined God gazing on me with immense love and tender goodness. Tears sprung in my eyes because I knew not only that He saw me, but that He understood me, and that He loved me. He was Aslan, a huge lion. Strong, perched, and eyes peering into mine intently. His eyes were so intense I could barely gaze back. And I knew, God is far outside what I can fathom. Far outside my tiredness, my joy, the comfort I find in my cup of coffee. And I could sense that God never changes. He remains. God is.

Today, may you know that He sees you. He sees how valiant your little yeses are, the courage behind your daily routine. He sees you and He remains close to you. May you truly be astounded by God’s tender and infinite love for you today. May you be moved by the way He looks at you.

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