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Under Mary's Mantle

Under Mary's Mantle

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I saw an image vividly in prayer, of our Lady of Guadalupe wrapping her mantle around a priest. He was holding Jesus, in the Eucharistic host, during the consecration. She was holding the priest so tenderly, with such gentle protection. Her mantle was safeguarding him from all evil. Our Lady of Guadalupe was gazing at her son in the Eucharist, with such tenderness and goodness. She was also holding her Son, who the priest had become, in persona Christi.

I desired to paint this image to show the beauty of the Eucharist, the tenderness of our Blessed Mother, and the goodness of our holy priests.

The image is placed on Chrism scented candles as a reminder to priests of the grace that came, when their heads were anointed with oil, on their ordination day.

The prints remind all of the faithful of the beauty of our priests, Mother, and the Church. The meditation is printed on the back of each of the prints. 

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